Monday, June 30, 2008

Northeastern Media's mobile billboard service in Cincinnati

If your company need exposure in the Cincinnati metro area, give Northeastern Media a close look. We have the ability to take your message directly to your target prospect, and deliver it in a way that they will enjoy seeing. If your prime prospect is a working-class male, hire Northeastern Media to build a campaign around the Cincinnati Bengals football schedule. Looking to target the difficult to reach 18-24 age group? No problem. We'll design a campaign that focuses its time at college campuses in the area, nightclubs frequented by your target demographic at the time they'll be out and about.

No experience with mobile billboard advertising? Just call us at 330-861-3684 or email us at for a media kit and to answer your questions.

Visit to view our past customers, and to learn more about mobile billboard advertising trucks in Ohio.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Northeastern Media mobile billboard advertising trucks offer complimentary graphic design services

We know how expensive it can be for smaller companies to purchase advertising. The cost of the space, and production costs can be difficult for some budgets to accommodate. Add to that mix the cost of professional graphic design services, and the cost may be too much to afford. That is why Northeastern Media offers complimentary graphic design services to all of its customers.

Because mobile billboard truck advertising is all we do, we are intimately familiar with what a great mobile billboard ad should consist of, and what it shouldn't consist of. We will ensure that your signs will not be too "busy" or use fonts that may be to difficult to read easily.

We are also very fast about getting the design worked up on time. The last thing we want is to have a mobile advertising campaign held up because the design work is taking too long.

View some of our work at's graphic design services page. Or call us at 330-861-3684 to speak with us directly.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sports marketing with Northeastern Media' mobile billboard trucks really works

When National City Bank needed a company to market their Points program to Pittsburgh, they chose Northeastern Medias mobile billboard advertising trucks. We worked with National City Bank to build a campaign based around the Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 season. We built a program that included all regular-season games as well as all post-season games.

We also planned routes that ensured that their message was in front of the maximum number of viewers at all times. Whether it was at the tailgating areas, or the incredibly busy pedestrian crossing areas, Northeastern Media made certain that National City Bank's message got across.

To see what Northeastern Media's mobie billboard truck advertising can do for you, call 330-861-3684, or visit

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pittsburgh is a great city to use Northeastern Media mobile billboards

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an ideal city to use mobile billboard advertising services by Northeastern Media. With a downtown area that is condensed into a relatively small area, and a very high number of pedestrians, mobile billboard truck advertising by Northeastern Media is a great value.

Pittsburgh was voted as a "The Nation's Most Livable City" in 2007. See this post by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. This means that there is a large number of pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the city area. This is perfect for a campaign with Northeastern Media mobile billboard truck advertising.

We have conducted numerous mobile billboard campaigns in and around Pittsburgh, and are very knowledgeable when constructing routes and areas of action.

Visit to learn more about mobile billboard advertising in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Or call us directly at 330-861-3684.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Northeastern Media mobile billboards for back to school in in Cincinnati

With back to school time being just about eight weeks away, shoppers will be starting their back to school shopping at all the normal, busy places. Its a perfect time to use Northeastern Media's mobile billboard services.We will target your ads for the maximum exposure based on time of day, traffic patterns, and your target demographic.

Don't spend money on other forms of advertising where you have no way to verify performance. Northeastern Media uses GPS satellite tracking to allow you to track our every movement via the Internet right on your computer. With Northeastern Media mobile billboards, you are assured that we are working for you exactly as planned.

Visit us at to view a video of our tri-image mobile billboards in action. Or call us at 330-861-3684 to talk directly.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Detroit Tigers games mobile billboards by Northeastern Media

Detroit Tigers baseball games are a great place to utilize Northeastern Media's mobile billboards. Thousands of people all gathered in one place, waiting to see your ads on Northeastern Media's mobile billboard trucks as we drive past them.

Sports marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message out to a large number of people in a very short time. While they slowly make their way to and from a Detroit Tigers baseball game, Northeastern Media's mobile billboards will be there to take your message directly to them.

Call Northeastern Media today at 330-861-3684, or visit our website at to learn more. While at our website, please watch the video to see Northeastern Media's mobile billboards trucks in action.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mobile billboards to Cleveland Indians games

Northeastern Media is currently booking clients for mobile billboard service to Cleveland Indians regular season, and post-season games. Our unique, tri-image mobile billboards are real head-turners for the thousands of people going to-and-from a major sporting event.

Because of the high density of people going to a game, sports marketing is very effective. We are able to put a client's advertisements directly in front of an almost captive audience in a way that is fun to watch, and adds to the excitement of going to a game.

If you would like to market your company at:
  • Cleveland Browns regular season, and post-season games
  • Cleveland Cavaliers regular season, and post-season games
  • Ohio State Football regular season, and post-season games
  • Cleveland Indians regular season, and post-season games
Then give us a call at 330-861-3684, or visit our website at

Friday, June 13, 2008

Northeastern Media offers mobile billboard campaigns in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is right in Northeastern Media's back yard. It is a wonderful city with a great history of hard work.

Northeastern Media has worked mobile billboard campaigns at Cleveland Browns games, as well as campaigns that took us through downtown, and the surrounding areas. With our familiarity with Cleveland, Northeastern Media mobile billboards are a perfect fit for a company looking at a mobile billboard campaign in Cleveland proper, or in surrounding cities such as:

North Olmsted
Valley View
Bay Village
Chagrin Falls
Cleveland Heights
East Cleveland
Shaker Heights

Please call 330-861-3684 or visit

Friday, June 6, 2008

Northeastern Media offers service in Michigan

Because of our location near Cleveland, Ohio, Northeastern Media is able to offer mobile billboard service to the entire state of Michigan. Multiple companies have used our mobile billboard service for their campaigns around Detroit.

Although the roads in Michigan leave something to be desired, we love to work in the area.

There is no additional charge for Northeastern Media to work a campaign in Detroit, or all the way up to Sault Ste Marie.

Call Northeastern Media for your next outdoor media buy at 330-861-3684, or visit us at

You can also visit Northeastern Media's MySpace

We also have a page at Mobile Billboard Advertising

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Northeastern Media's recent mobile billboard campaign in Detrot, Michigan

Northeastern Media just finished up a mobile billboard campaign in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, in Washington County.

Dan O'Leary is running for Washington County Supervisor, and used Northeastern Media for his mobile advertising. We worked the "Super Sunday" festival for him, focusing on the increased traffic of the event to boost the impressions for him.

We look forward to working with Dan O'Leary in the future as he continues to work toward his goal of public office.

Northeastern Media is very happy to be associated with a person of character like Dan O'Leary.