Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mobile billboard service to Youngstown, Ohio

Mobile billboard advertising at the YSU Penguins football games were our first campaign in the city of Youngstown, Ohio. We were contracted to provide highly visible, memorable for the entire season of YSU football, and were very well received by the public, law enforcement, and property officials.

Sports marketing is a tremendous way to get your company, or organization's message, or brand out to a very large number of people, in a very short amount of time. Northeastern Media is very familiar with what it takes to run a top-notch mobile billboard sports-marketing campaign. We generate precision routes and track all of our trucks with teal-time GPS technology. All trucks are well lighted for nighttime use, and are operated specifically in a way that attracts the maximum amount of attention, in the minimum amount of time.

Learn more at or call us at 330-861-3684 to speak with us directly.


Digital said...

Have you ever performed anything like this in digital?

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