Monday, June 30, 2008

Northeastern Media's mobile billboard service in Cincinnati

If your company need exposure in the Cincinnati metro area, give Northeastern Media a close look. We have the ability to take your message directly to your target prospect, and deliver it in a way that they will enjoy seeing. If your prime prospect is a working-class male, hire Northeastern Media to build a campaign around the Cincinnati Bengals football schedule. Looking to target the difficult to reach 18-24 age group? No problem. We'll design a campaign that focuses its time at college campuses in the area, nightclubs frequented by your target demographic at the time they'll be out and about.

No experience with mobile billboard advertising? Just call us at 330-861-3684 or email us at for a media kit and to answer your questions.

Visit to view our past customers, and to learn more about mobile billboard advertising trucks in Ohio.

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